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Supporting leaders

As the founder, CEO, CFO or COO your time is precious. Working with a trusted equity compensation management provider can help free you up to focus on the important business of growing your business.


Empower and retain top talent

A compelling incentive offering can help your company
stand out in a competitive market.

Save time

Admin made easy

Your equity plan administration should be one less thing to worry about. Our system can handle it all, from a simple Cap Table solution to multi-national equity plan management.

Cap Table Dashboard

Data integrity


Tracking changes in stakeholders, VCs and investors needs to be precise; missing an entry can have potentially disastrous consequences for you and your employees. Our automated software keeps everything up-to-date.

Cap Table Software - Widgets


Go from private to public in one system

You don’t want restrictions put on your company’s ambition: our platform helps you grow from private to public, local to global, with a seamless journey that transitions your data securely, if and when you need it.

Cap Table Dashboard Overview


  • tailored-insights

    Tailored insights

    Customizable dashboards and dynamic reporting functions allow you to create, analyze and reshape reports in real-time. Get access to comprehensive yet clear information to help enhance your plans and grow your business.

  • access-world-class-support

    Communication & Education

    When your employees understand the value of their equity they’re more empowered to work towards your company’s goals. Our team of communications specialists simplify complex share plan information into educational content that inspires.

  • enjoy-an-intuitive-experience

    Enhance employee satisfaction

    Great employees are what help companies succeed. Having an equity plan offering can not only help boost employee engagement and motivation, but could also be instrumental when it comes to retaining top quality staff, and act as a unique enticement when it comes to recruitment.

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