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  • How can I access my employee portal?

    You will need to contact your plan administrator for the correct web link, which is unique to your company. This is usually someone from your finance, HR or compensation and benefits department. Using the correct URL you’ll be able to log in to your portal once you have activated your account.

  • How do I login to my account?

    Once you have accessed your company’s portal you’ll need your username, your password and one of the MFA methods that you set up when you activated your account. If you do not remember any of these, you can use the ‘Forgotten password’ or ‘Forgotten username’ buttons to retrieve this information.

    In case your company has set up Single Sign-On (SSO) please check with your plan administrator for the correct instructions.

  • How can I see my available stocks on the employee portal?

    Your portal will display on the Homepage, under Portfolio, all the information regarding your stocks.

  • How can I transact (exercise, sell or transfer) my stocks?

    If the action is available for you, your portal will display a function tab/menu ‘Exercise Stocks’, ‘Sell Stocks’ and ‘Transfer Stocks’ function tab. Please follow the onscreen instructions in order to complete any of these transactions. Before confirming, you will have the opportunity to review the transaction request.

  • I represent the estate of a plan participant and have questions about their account. Can I speak to someone about next steps?

    Our Team will be glad to assist you. While local laws vary, we will typically need documentation regarding the participant’s estate, which will normally include a will, death certificate and letters testamentary. Having these items to hand when you reach out to us will enable us to assist you more efficiently. Please contact us at [email protected] so that we can address your inquiry in greater detail.  

  • How can I log in to the Global Shares mobile app with MFA?

    Our team has prepared a comprehensive “How to guide” to help you with this, please consult the following link: 


  • I’m facing problems logging into the mobile app. What can I do?

    First and foremost, please check if you are using the latest version of our app. Keeping the app updated is crucial for ensuring security and optimal functionality. If your app is updated and you’re still facing login issues, please use the helpdesk numbers supplied on this page.

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