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Product News: October 2023

Product-Oct Feature

We’re pleased to share the latest product enhancements that we’ve produced so far this quarter. First of all, the highly anticipated dark mode has arrived on mobile. We’ll walk you through how to set it up on your phone below. In addition to mobile updates, we’re also excited to announce changes in analytics and financial reporting that have been made to improve the overall user experience. 

Mobile App

Dark Mode has Arrived

Dark mode is now available on the Global Shares mobile app. Many tech users have been opting for dark mode on their computers or mobile screens because it can provide a more comfortable, less stimulating, visual experience. The Global Shares dark mode feature allows mobile users to adjust the app to low-light environments while providing better viewing options and reducing battery consumption.  

For anyone using the latest version of the Global Shares Mobile app, and whose device is already set to dark mode, the app will automatically open in dark mode. For those either not on the latest version of the app, or who have not made dark mode their device’s default, they can avail of the feature by navigating to the ‘Account Preferences’ section, tapping ‘Appearance’ and then selecting ‘Light, Dark, or System’. The System option uses the selected mode from your mobile device. 

Reporting & Analytics

Introducing the Newly Enhanced Vesting & Deferral Dashboard

The latest addition to the Reporting & Analytics area is the Vesting & Deferrals dashboard. This dashboard provides a comprehensive view of vesting and deferral information. The analytics and reporting features assist users with monitoring and understanding vesting events.  

Highlights for admin users include:  

  • A calendar that highlights upcoming vesting or deferral events that allows users to easily plan for essential dates 
  • Monitor vesting events for child awards associated with a parent such as dividends equivalents linked to an equity award  
  • Reports that showcase vesting units and their corresponding values 

Financial Reporting

New Tranche Level Expense Report

For Financial Reporting (FR) users, who require expense calculations at a tranche level, our Tranche Level Expense Detail Report is available in our corporate application. The report gives tranche-level details such as the tranche vest end dates, the number of awards vesting, etc. This report will only be available for the front-loaded accounting method. 

Download Financial Reports with Ease

Admin users can now download FR reports more efficiently using the new streaming download feature; this means data can be streamed instead of waiting for the entire report to be generated in the corporate application. It is currently available for the following reports: Expense Detail, Restricted Stock (RS), and Options Detail Disclosure. 

Please Note: This publication contains general information only and Global Shares is not, through this article, issuing any advice, be it legal, financial, tax-related, business-related, professional or other. The Global Shares Academy is not a substitute for professional advice and should not be used as such. Global Shares does not assume any liability for reliance on the information provided herein.

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