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Equity Management Software – Why You Need It?

Companies with employee equity plans generally learn about the importance of equity management via one of two routes – the easy way or the hard way.

The easy way: An equity management software program

The easy way lets you recognize the time, reliability, and efficiency benefits associated with automating the administration process as early as possible.

This, in turn, will lead you to seek out an equity management software provider such as Global Shares.

Our award-winning equity management platform is an automated and smart system, which simplifies administrative complexities. With a team of experienced equity professionals, we can cater to every plan complexity and award type imaginable. Looking to benefit from our solid experience and expertise in the field? Speak with us today.

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The hard way: An in-house manual input solution

The hard way, meanwhile, is a rockier path, with a lot of unnecessary and time-consuming administration-related aggravation.

Companies who initially opt for a manual, spreadsheet-based approach to overseeing their employee equity will most likely eventually come around to the idea of going with a software solution. However, they only do this after enduring many headaches – the near-inevitability of manual input-related errors and the massive time commitment to try to keep the plan up to date.

Downsides of manual equity management

Handling your equity compensation plan in-house and manually brings with it any number of potential pitfalls. Among the typical issues that come up are:
  1. Human error will occur: When a mistake creeps into a spreadsheet, it may go undetected for a period and then prove difficult to track back to the source.
  2. There will be scalability issues as you grow: When a company is in its early stages, a spreadsheet might seem sufficient. However, if the business gains traction, that document may quickly become too complex to keep track of changes.
  3. There may be a lack of version control: Spreadsheets raise the danger of multiple document versions circulating internally to create confusion.
  4. Spreadsheets are time and labor-intensive: Spreadsheets don’t update automatically so every change will need to be manually logged. An abundance of time, effort, and ongoing attention to detail is required to keep them up-to-date.
  5. Your employees are not engaged: When a plan is managed through spreadsheets, it can be difficult for participants to understand how their stock is performing and to make transactions.
  6. You are unclear whether your plan is a success or not: Without a real-time and automated reporting system, manually managing your employee equity can leave you guessing how well the plan is actually performing.

As should be clear by this point, attempting to set up and manage your equity plan (or stock plan) on your own may prove a daunting prospect, both in terms of the time involved, the potential risks involved and the actual work itself.

Benefits of equity management software

Equity compensation management is complex and highly specialized, with rigorous reporting and compliance demands, pushing HR and Equity Compensation professionals to the limit every day. Opting for an in-house manual input solution almost amounts to tying one hand behind your own back.

With advanced equity compensation management software, you can benefit from:

  1. Having a one-stop solution, managed through an online and automated process
  2. Synchronizing with payroll, HR, tax, accounting, and reporting systems
  3. Saving time and money
  4. Reducing the risk of multiple versions of a stock plan and manual errors
  5. Relying on a single source of up-to-date truth to avoid confusion
  6. Accessing real-time and interactive data to make an informed decision
  7. Improving participant engagement to make them more likely to sign up
  8. Globalizing your stock plan with ease when your business grows

Global Shares - Your equity management software provider

Global Shares has the experience and the expertise to be your partner and provide you with the automated equity management system that you need.

Our solution is an automated award-winning platform with a team of experienced equity professionals. It caters to every stock plan’s need and award type imaginable. It streamlines the day-to-day execution of transactions, with full automation of tracking, administration and reporting of all equity award activities for you. Also, our online employee portal allows participants to manage their own allocations with relative ease.

An employee portal is key to a successful equity plan. It engages your employees and enables them to manage their own equity awards. This will not be possible if you are using spreadsheets, but dedicated software.

Our Features & Benefits at a Glance
Smart & New Technology

with a team of 300 experienced experts to set up and configure your plan effectively

Ease of Administration
Ease of Administration

All types of grants and plans are managed online, 24/7 without a steep learning curve

Excellent Support
Excellent Customer Support

Includes a dedicated client manager, stock plan analyst team and client service desk, etc

Engaging Employee Portal
24/7 Engaging Employee Portal

Trade, manage equity, download statements, do estimations, etc with multi-lingual support

Automation of Key Tasks
Automation of Key Tasks

E.g. task notification, grant acceptance, exercising options, selling shares

Enhanced Security
Enhanced Data Security

Supported by a team of in-house cyber security and IT professionals

Customized Reporting
Customized Reporting

A wide range of interactive and visual financial & BI reports at your fingertips.

Low Legal & Compliance Risks
Low Legal & Compliance Risks

The highest level of compliance to maintain data integrity and accuracy

What’s more
  • Global stock plans: We help you operate your plans for participants in numerous countries in one seamless system.
  • Customization: incorporates company logos and tailored-to-match fonts, colors, layout, and aesthetics of your corporate requirements.
  • Improved functions & features are rolled out regularly at no extra cost and without any need for input from you.

To sum up, Global Shares will provide you with all the tools you need to manage employee equity, engage your employees, and satisfy compliance requirements. Want to learn more about our software?

Contact us today and request a free demo. All your equity management questions, requirements, and concerns can be discussed. Our team will then identify how we can best meet your needs.

Please Note: This publication contains general information only and Global Shares is not, through this article, issuing any advice, be it legal, financial, tax-related, business-related, professional or other. The Global Shares Academy is not a substitute for professional advice and should not be used as such. Global Shares does not assume any liability for reliance on the information provided herein.

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