We’re on the Ireland INC US 250 Index 2023

Content Team November 9, 2023 mins read

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We’re on the Ireland INC US 250 Index 2023

We’re delighted to be included in the Ireland INC US 250 Index 2023 for the third consecutive year. This Index showcases 250 of the fastest growing Irish companies investing and operating in the United States.

“We are tremendously excited by the investment in North America following our acquisition by J.P. Morgan last year and will continue our journey as a leading player in equity compensation solutions. Together with the J.P. Morgan team, we are poised to quickly accelerate the expansion of our business in the US and globally, with client services and innovation leading our strategic imperatives. We are honoured to be listed among so many amazing Irish companies and look forward to playing our role strengthening the historic and long-established trading partnerships between Ireland and the US.”

Jorge Martin, Managing Director, Country Head North America, Global Shares – a J.P. Morgan company

With Ireland’s business footprint continuing to expand rapidly across the United States, the 2023 Ireland INC US 250 Index tracks the upward trend of Irish business and its expansion as the ninth largest source of Foreign Direct Investment in the Unites States, employing over 200,000 employees in the US. The total value of Irish FDI into the US is estimated as $240 billion across a range of industries including software, business services, ICT, food, life sciences, and construction. These pioneering companies embody the spirit of transatlantic business relationships and exemplify excellence. They represent the values of innovation, sustainability, and growth, that are at the heart of the Ireland-USA partnership. We believe that fostering strong connections between Irish and American companies is crucial for driving economic prosperity and creating a sustainable future, to continue to forge meaningful connections and drive positive change on both sides of the Atlantic.

Ian Hyland, Founder & President, Ireland INC

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