Ep 10: Equity Compensation and Disaster Relief with Holly Welch-Stubbing

Content Team March 13, 2023

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Ep 10: Equity Compensation and Disaster Relief with Holly Welch-Stubbing

Episode 10: Equity Compensation and Disaster Relief with Holly-Welch Stubbing 

What do you do if a disaster impacts the well-being of your employees and in turn your business?

With an uncertain world and a rocky economic future ahead of us, employee financial wellness has quickly become a top priority for organizations of all shapes and sizes around the world.  Interest in this area has skyrocketed during and post-COVID-19. In today’s podcast, we look at employee relief funds to discover if they are good for business, by offering assistance to troubled employees, who then return to work healthier and more productive.

Helping us through this is Holly Welch Stubbing, President and CEO at E4E Relief. This is an employee relief fund which has advanced relief and stakeholder impact to hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide, providing over $300m in grants over the past three years.

What we covered in Own Up:

  • How E4E was born from 911 & benefits it brought during COVID-19
  • Why employers use E4E as a valuable benefit for their employee base
  • From hurricanes to war, examples where the scheme kicks in
  • The tax efficiency aspects of the program
  • The global reach of the relief fund
  • The results which show the success of the scheme in numbers
  • One key advantage that sets E4E apart
Ep 10: Equity Compensation and Disaster Relief with Holly Welch-Stubbing

Ep 10: Equity Compensation and Disaster Relief with Holly Welch-Stubbing

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