Reporting & Analytics: 3 Newly Enhanced Dashboards

Content Team November 8, 2023 mins read

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Reporting & Analytics: 3 Newly Enhanced Dashboards

Equity compensation can be complex, and keeping on top of reporting requirements can be difficult. Global Shares simplifies this process with its Business Intelligence (BI) tool. Within the BI tool, there are a suite of interactive dashboards and reports designed to help share plan administrators analyze and visualize complex data and gain valuable insights into employee ownership.

We are pleased to introduce three dashboards that are either new or have undergone substantial enhancements, they are: 

  1. Participant Insights
  2. Grant Balance Insights
  3. Vesting & Deferrals  

As with all our dashboards, users can export elements such charts, tables, or reports in CSV or Excel formats for further analysis and reporting purposes.

1. Participant Insights

1. Participant Insights

This dashboard provides interactive insights into participant records with the ability to use drill-down features to analyze the data on a granular level

Corporate admins can use this dashboard to enhance their knowledge of their company’s key operational and demographic information such as: 

  • Active and inactive participants 
  • Reasons for employee turnover 
  • Where employees are located including their position and citizenship 

2. Grant Balance Insights

2. Grant Balance Insights

The Grant Balance Insights dashboard offers at-a-glance insights based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and is an intuitive and visual way to consume data. It also allows you to examine discrete datasets for grants and award balances. 

Corporate admins can use this dashboard to quickly gather key information such as: 

  • Total number of grants (issued vs outstanding) 
  • Grant balances by participant status (active vs terminated) 
  • Grant balance by tax country
Grant balance by grant type

The dashboard’s use of switch dimension functionality means you can drill down into granular sets of data and study the finer details of your company’s share plan activity without having to jump from one dashboard to another. 

3. Vesting & Deferrals

3. Vesting & Deferrals

This dashboard provides a comprehensive view of vesting and deferral information. The analytics and reporting features assist users with monitoring and understanding vesting events.  

Highlights for admin users include: 

  • A calendar that highlights upcoming vesting or deferral events that allows users to easily plan for essential dates 
  • Monitor vesting events for child awards associated with a parent such as dividends equivalents linked to an equity award
  • Reports that showcase vesting units and their corresponding values 

If you would like more information about our reporting suite, book a one-on-one consultation with us today and we’ll demonstrate how our reporting tools can help your company. 

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