Recognizing and Celebrating Excellence in Global Share Plans

Content Team February 18, 2013 mins read

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Recognizing and Celebrating Excellence in Global Share Plans

GEO Awards 2013

It’s that time of the year again when members of various industries bestow awards upon the most outstanding practitioners of their trade – there is the Grammy (for music), The Academy Award, or Oscar (for film), The Emmy (for television), the Clio Award (for advertising), the ESPY (for sports), etc.

In the Employee Stock Plan Industry we have our own award for excellence, the GEO Award. Each year GEO provides an opportunity for the global share plan community to recognize and celebrate issuer organizations for their exemplary leadership in and unrivaled dedication to their share plans through GEO Awards. As a member of the Global Equity Organization since the beginning, I have personally witnessed the GEO Awards grow over the last 10 years from a small gathering of committed professionals recognizing the accomplishments of their peers, to the industry benchmark of high achievement and celebration of excellence it represents today in the employee stock plan world.

Many past GEO Award winners cite the immense satisfaction they experienced in achieving this significant accomplishment and in the accompanying recognition from the employee share plan industry. They also view it as a validation of all the time and effort that awardees put into the design, planning and administration of their plans. Many will also tell you that the accolades and congratulations received from the Senior Management and Executive team members of their organizations exceeded all expectations they may have had before beginning the nomination process – being associated with a GEO Award can have quite positive career effects.

The GEO Awards were designed to celebrate excellence by honoring impressive companies from around the globe who truly demonstrate their leadership and dedication to their employee stock plans. Winning companies are recognized for designing, communicating, or offering programs that allow millions of employees worldwide to participate in their company’s share plan.

Nominations are now being accepted for this year’s awards, which will include two new categories, Most Creative Solutions and Best Use of Video Communications, in addition to the traditional award categories for Best Plan Communication, Best Use of Technology, Most Innovative and Creative Design, Best Plan Effectiveness, Best Use of Employee Share Plans in a Corporate Action, and Best in Financial Education.

Here is a link to the Global Equity Organization website for additional information about the award categories and the application process –


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