Global Shares appoints new Director David Raethorne

Content Team October 23, 2014 mins read

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Global Shares appoints new Director David Raethorne

Global Shares has joined forces with the formidable technology entrepreneur David Raethorne who has been appointed to its Board of Directors. David will lend his IT and commercial expertise to Global Shares, as it launches a suite of innovative new equity software products globally.

David Raethorne was the founder and CTO of Helix Health. A graduate of the Dublin Institute of Technology, he studied commercial computer programming and worked briefly for Online Computing before starting his own business.
He founded Systems Solutions Limited in 1987 to develop software for the pharmacy sector in Ireland. He grew that business through acquisition to become the largest indigenous healthcare software company in Ireland. It was rebranded Helix Health in 2006 and embarked on a roll-up strategy in the UK acquiring and integrating businesses such as Pharmacy’s, DGL and SafeScript. The business was sold to Eli Global in 2014.

In 2011 he became a shareholder of Smiles Dental Group, a small Irish dental business, joining the Board to lend his technical and commercial expertise. He was involved in the Smiles acquisition of James Hull in 2012, which turned that business into one of the largest private dental groups in the British Isles with 1,200 staff and a turnover in excess of £50m per annum. The business was sold to Oasis Dental in 2014.

Through his investment vehicle, Brentwood Investments, Raethorne participates in both early and late-stage investments in companies that have the capability to exploit a particular technological advantageDavid is a seasoned entrepreneur and recognizes that Global Shares fits this profile.

On the appointment, Tim Houstoun, CEO said:

“We have shaped our business for expansion with the guidance and leadership of some of the sharpest minds and experienced compensation professionals. This is supported by our distinguished Board members who bring a wealth of international business acumen to the arena. With David’s proven track-record in the commercialization of software, he is the right choice to drive our mission of providing next generation software to the equity plan industry”.

All the team at Global Shares look forward to working with David on this new dynamic collaboration.

Global Shares provide SaaS known for its high quality, flexibility and reliability. With the use of an innovative suite of software products and by leveraging their team of industry experts who are focused on excellence, relationships and efficiencies, Global Shares are the leading provider of equity administration software. Current clients include Cargill, Saudi Hollandi Bank, Nokia, AmBev, Living Social, Unicredit & Telefonica.

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