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IPSA 2016 Conference Highlights!

Content Team November 16, 2016 mins read

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J.P. Morgan Workplace Solutions’ Content Team comprises a dynamic and talented team of writers and experienced professionals who strive to deliver useful equity insights and simplify complex equity information, all with the aim of helping you to better understand equity management.

IPSA 2016 Conference Highlights!

Highlights from the Global Shares-sponsored IPSA Conference 2016!

L-R: Seán Quill – Global Shares, Ger O’ Shaughnessy – Each&Other, Dallan Guzinski – NCEO, Virginie Perotin – Leeds University,  Arend Welmers – The Great Game of Business, UK; Dr Gabriel Burdin, Leeds University, Eugene Murphy – Ervia; Richard Hayes – Global Shares



IPSA CEO, Gill Brennan, raised the bar at this year’s IPSA conference, which took place on October 13th in the Morrison Hotel, Dublin.

Just days after Budget 2017 was announced, this conference highlighted all the reasons why the Government should introduce share-based incentive schemes for employees so that more Irish workers can enjoy the economic and other benefits of employee ownership.


Impressive Speaker Line-Up

The impressive speaker line-up did not disappoint. Themed ‘Beyond these borders – Employee Ownership Globally’, the conference focused on successes and lessons from other countries and what can be learned for Ireland.


The Great Game of Business, UK – CEO Arend Welmers: Teaching employees to think and act like owners

Photo of Arend Welmers giving a speech


National Centre for Employee Ownership, United States – Dallan Guzinski, Director of Workplace Development – Learn what makes great employee-owned businesses work and profitable for all.


Photo of Dallan Guzinski, Director of Workplace Development giving a lecture


Virginie Perotin and Dr Gabriel Burdin, Leeds University, related how ownership benefits the public service and how it can contribute to economic growth.


Photo of Virginie Perotin giving a speech


Photo of Dr Gabriel Burdin giving a speech


Eugene Murphy from Ervia (formerly Bord Gais) gave the employee’s perspective on what makes ESOTs great and how to make them work to everyone’s advantage.


Photo of Eugene Murphy from Ervia giving his speech


Seán QuillGlobal Shares Managing Director Ireland, the longest-serving member of IPSA council & according to Gill Brennan ‘the most knowledgeable APSS man in Ireland’ spoke about ‘Extending Equity Compensation around the world – It doesn’t have to be a burden!’


 Photo of Seán Quill, Global Shares Managing Director Ireland giving his lecture



View Seán Quill’s presentation slides here!



Global Shares Co-Sponsorship

Global Shares was delighted to continue its collaboration with the Irish ProShare Association through its co-sponsorship of this year’s conference, along with EachandOtherAs an employee-owned company, Global Shares understands the intricacies involved in setting up and developing a positive employee ownership culture and we are keen to promote its benefits through the sponsorship opportunities such as this.

Our thanks to Gill and all at IPSA for putting together such a fantastic line-up of conference speakers & topics. The conference once again put the spotlight on employee ownership in the Irish market in a very engaging way using real-life stories, facts and figures, academic research and successful experiences from across the globe.

About IPSA

As the Irish advocates for employee financial involvement, IPSA has played a critical role in lobbying the government on the significance of employee share ownership for the Irish economy. The efforts of the organisation have raised substantial awareness of employee equity compensation & its benefits across all industry types. For more information please visit the IPSA website.

About Global Shares:

Global Shares is an exciting Irish employee-owned Share Plan Administration company from West Cork, with over 1 million users on our platform in over 100 countries. We develop highly specialised cloud-based software solutions as well as offering administration services and share trading to corporate clients to manage their employee share plans. Our client listing includes some of the largest and well-known companies in the world who use equity compensation to attract and retain a top-class employee base. Established 10 years ago we employ 110 staff and have offices in Ireland, London, Lisbon, New York, California and Brazil. In 2009 we set about transforming our business model from service to software, launching our best-in-class new share plan administration technology onto the market in 2015, which set a new benchmark for the global share plan administration industry. The company is forecast to grow substantially in 2016 and beyond. For further information please visit www.globalshares.com

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